The right conference facilitator can make your event well-organized, productive, and enjoyable. They can ensure that people at all levels participate and feel that their voices and opinions are heard.

Conferences can be large, difficult to manage events. That is why you need an expert facilitator. A conference should not just be a chance to get away from the office and socialize (although that is important). A good facilitator will make sure that everyone who attends, no matter what their position, feels that their views are encouraged and listened to, and that they learned and accomplished something.

The Role of a Good Conference Facilitator

A professional conference facilitator will help you design an agenda to fit your organization’s needs. He or she will determine, with your input, what you want to accomplish in the time you have. Through break-out and brainstorming sessions, as well as other strategies, they will ensure that no one is just a face in the crowd, but that everyone has a safe place to voice their views and opinions.

Facilitators can help diverse groups of people hear each other’s concerns and work together to find solutions. They help control the flow of the conference, spark discussion and encourage everyone to contribute. They bring an objective view that someone inside the organization cannot. They keep things on track, while encouraging everyone to feel comfortable discussing their ideas. A good facilitator knows that it is more important to ask questions than give answers.

Whether you want a traditional conference, or something completely out of the box, a facilitator can bring unique methods to keep everyone awake, interested and engaged. Our client relationship managers will not only help you plan and design your conference, they will assist you in choosing someone whose style is appropriate for what you want to accomplish, and with whom your attendees will feel comfortable.

Our certified professional facilitators are especially important, and possibly essential, for a conference where there will be a variety of strong views, but some consensus needs to be found. If the person in charge of the conference has a particular position, but wants attendees to feel comfortable voicing their own opinion. An outside person who is unbiased and has no agenda can build trust, help explore creative ideas and commit to an action plan.

Types of Facilitation

Our expert facilitators fulfill a variety of organizational needs when it comes to getting a group together to accomplish something. There are different types of facilitation:

  • Strategic planning facilitation helps organizations determine how they need to improve. This can be used when process improvement is needed.
  • Team building helps everyone participate in the discussion and assists the team in working through differences. It can make a team feel ownership of its decision.
  • Issue resolution is sometimes the trickiest, but a good facilitator will help work through an issue and arrive at a consensus on the solution.
  • Process improvement facilitation allows people to review and improve on their methods.

Our Database of Professionals

We have a database of more than 500 facilitators complete with each person’s specialties, biography, education, style, reviews, price and location to enable you to find the best ones for your needs and budget. We encourage companies to hire our certified master facilitators, who have achieved the highest certification level. We provide a money back guarantee when you hire one of our certified master facilitators.