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The most comprehensive database of qualified, experienced facilitators

End-to-end service, supported with  years of experience

Sure, you can scour the Internet for lists of meeting facilitators.

What you’ll miss are the people – the dedicated experts who work alongside customers to select ideal professionals for upcoming group sessions, and to ensure that the proper preparation takes place leading up to the event itself.

While you can preview the facilitator database yourself and get personal descriptions of a facilitator’s background and experience, you also have the option to have us do it for you. Once you provide essential details, our Client Executives can search efficiently on your behalf to identify facilitators who meet your unique session criteria, including relevant industry experience and geographic location. Our Client Executive will take the time to understand the personality of your group to help you select the right facilitator for you.

If you have questions at any point in your search, you’re welcome to contact one of our dedicated Client Executives. It’s one more way we work to ensure you get the results you need from the search process.

Largest and most comprehensive network of professional facilitators in the industry

Over 600 professionals, including more Certified Master Facilitators than any other single source

Specialists cover such engagements as strategic planning, team building, event planning, focus groups, and other specific group event needs