Your staff’s attention has wandered, and you are left wondering how to reignite their interest. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many corporate meeting planners and business owners can attest to the difficulties of having disengaged employees. Despite the importance of the get-together and its substance, our facilitators know that a faulty delivery almost always guarantees miscommunication, which inevitably leads to mind wandering, eye rolling and halfhearted head nodding. 

The Importance of Engaging Communication

Do not let your next business meeting fall victim to otherwise avoidable problems. The corporate facilitators available through Find a Facilitator are trained to resolve the widespread issues of inattentiveness and disinterest.

The goal is not to lecture, but to persuade attendees to voice their opinions on the subject matter and contribute in a positive way. To do this, rote memorization of the content on your end is not enough. An expert is not someone who simply knows more about a particular subject than others but, rather, an individual who is also passionate, actively interested and excited.

People like this have a natural knack for attracting others with a magnetism that captivates attention and keeps the channels of communication open. The good news is that you too can become a master communicator. By implementing the below strategies practiced daily by Find a Facilitator’s extensive network of certified professional facilitators, you can expect dramatic upsurge in your audience’s interest.

The Tools Your Meetings Need

Research has shown that people who are exposed to preparatory materials have a higher chance of retaining what they learned, both in the short- and long-term. Instead of bombarding your employees with a ton of new information during the meeting, gradually introduce it to them during the days leading up to the event. Likewise, it has been found that increased blood flow to the brain is essential for peak memory recall. Get your attendees to stand, stretch and move around every 15 to 20 minutes to spike their energy levels.

We all learn by repetition. If you do something consistently for long enough, it ends up becoming a habit. Thus, you should aim to repeat key points throughout the meeting, but be sure to present them differently each time.

A final trick that has been used by many successful group facilitators for years is to use tools like alliteration and the “rule of three” to offer concise summaries about complex information.