Are you tired of spinning your wheels every day at the office? Have you tried unsuccessfully to get and keep your staff motivated to succeed? If you want to increase productivity and instill a true sense of teamwork in your employees, then hiring a meeting facilitator may be the way to go.

It’s Friday morning, and your weekly/monthly team meeting is about to begin. You are sitting in your office going over last month’s production reports and profit and loss statements and can’t help but question why the numbers are declining. You take a moment to collect your thoughts and reassure yourself that today will be different, that harboring negative perceptions is pointless and counterproductive. With your new found motivation and drive to get things done, you set off to the conference room with reports in hand, ready to address your staff. You find that most of your employees are ready to go with the remaining few trickling in slowly. Everyone is alert and all eyes are on you.

For a moment, you are confident that today’s meeting will be different than the last. It is off to a good start and your employees appear interested in the subject matter, but you quickly notice the tell-tale signs of distraction start to appear. People start whispering to themselves quietly, perhaps mulling over the seemingly “same ol same ol,” but more than likely they are discussing what each one did the night before. By the time the meeting reaches it end, you wonder whether your hard work and effort was worth it.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar? Every day, the disease of the “bad meeting” plagues workplaces across the country, accomplishing little more than a brief get-together and a simple overview of problems that aren’t being properly addressed. If you want to increase your company’s productivity and ignite the spark of motivation in your employees, can help! We offer Meeting Transformation Services that are custom designed to suit the needs of every individual client. Our consultants are highly-trained experts in the field of corporate facilitation and organizational restructuring. They know how to spot the most common meeting problems and address them effectively. Here are just a few ways we can help your business escape the dreaded cycle of “bad meeting syndrome.”

How to Make Your Meetings More Effective

  • Engagement; people are interested in things that help them, it is just human nature. Instead of touting statistics and crunching numbers, getting employees involved by taking introducing creative alternative is a must. Everyone learns differently, and only a small number benefit from reading text.
  • Participation; healthy discourse is the recipe for meeting success. Encourage team members to voice their opinions, and don’t be afraid to call on people directly. Some of the greatest ideas often fall to the wayside because someone didn’t speak up.
  • The shorter the better; the average attention span has actually decreased, due in large part to the advancements in technology. Don’t spend an hour talking about something that can be adequately summed up in five minutes. Keep the information concise and creative, and don’t forget to switch things up presentation-wise. Take advantage of social media tools.