Businesses today must take a strategic approach to make certain objectives align with the desired path of an organization. Planning is an essential process for project oriented or companywide goals. Your strategic planning sessions must be structured appropriately to provide desired accomplishments. Facilitation services may need to be acquired to provide neutral assistance for continued progression toward the outlined purposes of these meetings. Experts bring benefits to business planning, such as improved communication or organization. Misinformation, opposing viewpoints, pre-existing hostilities, desired objectives, time constraints, and numerous other factors could affect meeting outcomes. An expert ensures quick resolution to prevent common communication problems from delaying the flow of each development session.

Facilitator Application of the “Drivers Model”

FindaFacilitator has developed a specific model, referred to as the Drivers Model, for improved planning results. It is a method used by facilitators for tackling or addressing specific business situations to simplify communication necessary for developing sound, strategic business objectives. This approach may be applied to an entire company, a team, or compartmentalized departments to create a positive and results-focused environment when a solid strategy must be built. The Drivers Model includes answering four important questions:

• Where are we now?
• Where do we want to be?
• How do we plan to get there?
• How will we monitor progress?

The first question helps with assessing current organizational standing to assist with identifying what approaches should be taken. Various areas are analyzed, including current customer needs, employee perceptions, requirements, industry shifts, competition comparisons, performance trends, and desired initiatives. Facilitators can provide additional direction during all phases of the Drivers Model. A strategic direction, developed with a vision or mission, is then defined based on the acknowledged assessment items. Goals, objectives, and guiding principles are created to set a standard throughout all other planning activities. Implementation planning determines how your company will achieve set objectives or the decided direction. It is during this phase that an expert will help you take into consideration all barriers, critical success factors, and objectives to develop solid strategies for the betterment of your business. Finally, methods for monitoring the achievement of defined strategies must be formed for recognizing changes, such as new barriers, and making necessary adjustments to objectives.

This process can be grueling regardless of company size or the expertise brought to the table. Strategic planning is a vital component when wanting to instill a sense of direction to both stakeholders and employees. It allows your business to prepare for future changes and set up a goal-driven approach centered on enhanced achievement. An expert can help in defining these aspects to increase the effectiveness of business planning. As a leader in facilitation services, our company strives to provide the best service possible for your planning needs. We developed the Drivers Model to provide an effective strategic outlook concerning the current standing and future direction of companies.