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Team Building Facilitation

Organizations rely on strong teams to work together effectively to achieve results. But often, a team’s success is hindered by dysfunctional behavior, a lack of trust, poor communication, or an inability to address disagreement.

Our Methodology

Team consulting is an effective solution to resolving unproductive behavior. An experienced team building facilitator can guide the team around potential pitfalls and towards productive action. Our Team Building Facilitators apply the three-level approach of team building created by Leadership Strategies based on the specific needs of the team and the critical outcomes to be achieved. They are skilled in tearing down barriers, promoting a team building concept, and equipping teams with the tools to manage their own long-term success.

What can be covered with our Team Building Facilitation?

  • Figuring out what your team does and what it would like to become.
  • Defining the roles of the team and individuals involved.
  • Isolate critical issues impacting team performance and define strategies for resolving them.
  • Discussing communication and figuring out ways to improve on it.
  • Implementing new or adapted communication strategies.
  • And more depending on the needs of the team.