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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Our professional strategic planning facilitators will help you plan, implement, and monitor your corporate, government, or non-profit organization business strategy.

Our Methodology

Our recommended Core Team facilitators use The Drivers Model, a proven methodology developed by Leadership Strategies, Inc. for helping an organization identify its business problems and construct an effective strategic plan of action for solving these problems.

The Drivers Model is fully scalable and works for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, field offices, individual departments, work teams, and more. One thing these groups have in common is a similar group of concerns when preparing for strategic planning:

  • Establishing a clearly defined strategic direction
  • Making sure the plan is actionable
  • Aligning the organization with the priorities of the plan
  • Getting all stakeholders engaged in the process
  • Agreeing on a planning process and definitions
  • Ensuring the plan addresses specific business-related issues