Are you looking for a certified facilitator? We have got you covered. At, we know our customers expect and deserve only the best. Our clients rely on our ability to locate qualified facilitators, so we have taken it upon ourselves to offer a comprehensive quality guarantee.

Every facilitator who is listed in our database is allowed to provide a self-rating on categories we consider to be the most important in the field. We list 70 service areas, and the facilitator can choose a rank that he or she feels accurately represents his or her experience in the specified area. An expert is one who can effectively train others in the field, while an independent one can work alone without assistance in a particular niche.

To better serve our customers, we believe it is only fair to list qualified facilitators first. A certified master facilitator is an individual who has attained the highest certifications in the field, and as such, will be listed first on the display list generated by a customer’s search query. To protect our clients and offer them expert-level service, we encourage them to use master facilitators. We do this by offering a money-back guarantee on the facilitators’ services if they fail to meet our customer’s expectations. While we would never expect a client to be dissatisfied, we have implemented this guarantee as a way of demonstrating our ability to find the best of the best in the corporate facilitation field.

Client Feedback is Always Important

In addition to listing certified facilitators first and by allowing these individuals to rank themselves, we allow our customers to rate their experience as well. Not only does this help future customers find the right facilitator for their needs, it also helps us reevaluate our listings. If a particular facilitator received too many negative reviews, we would ultimately place them at the bottom of our list.

After the client’s session has been completed, our client relationship managers will reach out to them to log their input. Our customers can rank their facilitator on a scale of one to four, with four being the best rating.

In regards to the certified master facilitators, those who we offer a money-back guarantee on in the event that the customer is not satisfied with the service, we evaluate the facilitator’s performance in core areas. These key competencies (presence, assessment, communication, control, consistency and engagement) are what separate an expert facilitator from a novice.