Almost every professional has been to a company meeting that, for one reason or another, accomplished nothing. Along with the unnerving aspect, unproductive meetings are also uneconomical. By wasting the time of its employees, an unproductive meeting wastes a company’s money, and the useless expenditure could produce a negative influence for years. When meetings stop producing results, a company should hire a facilitation professional as soon as possible. With the timely help of facilitation, most companies can resolve the following problems before they become too ingrained:

Lack of Focus

When a meeting lacks focus, it is often because team members are unaware of how to address an issue, or because their ideas for addressing it lack a strategic approach. By helping team members think strategically about an issue, meeting facilitators help them develop the strategic focus necessary to resolve the issue.

Lack of Motivation

After a group has tried unsuccessfully to resolve a problem, it can suffer from a lack of motivation. A skilled facilitator can motivate a group by helping it gain new insight into the source of a problem, and what can be done efficiently and economically to resolve the problem.

Negative Group Dynamics

Some meetings are hindered by poor relationships between certain team members—a problem that could be difficult for other team members to address. If the meetings at your company are starting to seem like showcases for personal
rivalries, meeting facilitation can help diffuse the rivalries and restore positive group dynamics.

Lack of Insight

Many groups lack insight, not because they lack the capacity for it, but because they adhere to an outdated way of thinking. This often happens when a team undertakes a new type of project without changing the approach it used for previous projects. Facilitators can help team members gain insight by helping them adapt their thinking to the issue at hand.

Poor Individual Behavior

Because professionals are expected to behave professionally, dealing with a deviate team member could be difficult. Although official penalties are an option, requesting the help of a facilitator, who can diffuse bad behavior by refusing to let it set the tone of a meeting, can be the more profitable option. When troublemakers notice their bad behavior has no affect, they often abandon their quarrelsome attitude.

Does Your Company Need Facilitation?

If the meetings at your company have become unproductive, we can help. By supplying a variety of specialized facilitators, we make it easy for companies to select a facilitator who can satisfy their needs. We also supply facilitators whose fees are affordable on a variety of budgets, and who travel to most destinations around the globe.

The problems above are common reasons why companies seek meeting facilitation. Other reasons include:

• Difficulty turning ideas into actions
• Lack of participation in meetings
• Difficulty prioritizing problems
• Trouble conducting timely meetings
• Need for an impartial speaker to address a sensitive issue