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What Makes FindaFacilitator.com Different?

We like to speak of FindaFacilitator.com as the “most intelligent source for facilitated solutions.” While there are lists of facilitators available today, they are limited in scope and do not provide the information a potential client needs to make intelligent choices about a facilitator’s quality or fit for the specific meeting or training session.

FindaFacilitator.com is the first comprehensive source that pulls all available information together, giving the client the confidence and control to make informed facilitator selection decisions. The data includes a facilitator’s areas of service, industry experience, sample clients, projects, self-ratings, and client feedback from prior engagements. Facilitators also have an opportunity to describe their facilitation style allowing potential clients to get an even better understanding of their skills.

What makes FindaFacilitator.com truly different is our Client Executives. No other listing provides you a knowledge resource to help guide your selection of facilitator at no additional cost to you.

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How do I make the best use of FindaFacilitator.com?

If you’re looking for a facilitator, the first and most important step is to have a clear understanding of what you need. After defining your needs, you can use the additional criteria to narrow down the search based on what is most important to your event’s success.

If you are a facilitator and want to get the most from your affiliation with FindaFacilitator.com, be sure all of your information (your most recent experience, in particular) is in the database. Facilitators who show expertise in 25 service areas are more likely to be included in searches than facilitators who show only a few.

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How do you ensure the quality of the facilitators?

Because the database is open to any facilitator who would like to be included, FindaFacilitator.com offers clients a wide range of facilitators, encompassing all experience levels and fee rates to accommodate even the most restrictive budgets.

Our rating systems capture expertise levels and the client feedback section provides an overview of the experience others received with the facilitator. Additionally, in search results, facilitators are sorted by certification level. This means our Core Team members and Certified Master Facilitators are listed first, followed by Associate Master Facilitators, Certified Professional Facilitators, those who have received training in a certified training class, and then the remainder of facilitators without facilitation certifications who match the search criteria. We can also provide facilitators that we have had extensive experience with – just ask!

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How do Certfied Master and Provisional Master designations differ from Certified Professional Facilitators?

The Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) program, developed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), was the first national certification available in the U.S. Through the CPF program, the IAF has established a credible process for certifying facilitators to provide a consistent standard of performance.

The Certified Master Facilitator (CMF) program was designed to set a higher standard for facilitators. The designation requires more than four times the amount of facilitation experience, the level of expertise that must be demonstrated is significantly increased, and the standard for passing has been raised.

Provisional Master Facilitators must also demonstrate the same level of expertise as CMFs; however, they have not yet achieved the experience requirement of 30 facilitated sessions.

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What happens if a facilitator receives several bad reviews?

If we find a facilitator who continually provides a negative experience for clients, we will remove that individual from FindaFacilitator.com.

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