Is your business struggling with employee productivity and performance issues? Does it seem more and more that your corporate meetings are falling on deaf ears? Whether your company is a new start-up or an established firm with a solid reputation in the industry, these problems can mean the difference between expansion or downsizing. Poor staff morale and miscommunication leads to mistakes that harm your brand’s credibility and ultimately its profit margins. 

Resolve the Conflict with a Facilitator

If this negative pattern is allowed to continue, it is only a matter of time before your customer base becomes unstable. Fortunately, all hope is not lost. There are experts that specialize in these matters, individuals who can help you restore weak links and rebuild a strong foundation for corporate leadership and success. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all it takes to get out of a rut and to find a viable solution. Who better to do this than someone who has years of tailored experience working with businesses large and small?

We give our clients access to a vast network of corporate facilitators, each of whom are carefully chosen based on their industry qualifications. Per these requirements, everyone is classified into one of five categories: no certification, trained by a certified trainer, certified professional facilitator, associate master and certified master.

This ranking system is intended solely to match our customers with facilitators that best fit their individual needs. As you may expect, certified master facilitators are those individuals who have demonstrated unmatched expertise in their field of study, which can range from dispute resolution to team building to effective meeting planning. To achieve master certification status, a facilitator must prove their ability to train others and must have worked with a minimum of five core engagements.

Whereas novice or experienced facilitators typically have a keen understanding of one focus area, certified master facilitators are well-equipped to handle multi-level corporate problems. If your company is suffering from various unresolved issues, we highly recommend that you hire a master status facilitator. To reassure you that this decision will be a profitable one, we will personally refund 100 percent of their fees if they fail to meet our core competency test.