Congratulations on your decision to hire a professional facilitator. You can rest assured knowing that a qualified expert is only minutes away. Whatever corporate issue your business is suffering from, we will do our best to pair you with the best of the best. Our extensive database is comprised of global professionals that specialize in a variety of disciplines.

We take our commitment to client satisfaction very seriously, which is why you will never be put into contact with an unqualified individual. Find  A Facilitator employs a number of measures to ensure only top-notch professionals are a part of the facilitation network. 

We Make It Easy to Connect

If this is your first time hiring a facilitator, you probably have many questions about the selection process, including how to get started. To date, our company has successfully matched thousands of organizations from a myriad of industries with staff that deliver results, so relax and know you have come to the right place.

Clients who wish to streamline the search process are urged to take advantage of our “Begin Search” feature, which starts on the homepage. Simply enter your contact information and the type of facilitation session you are interested in scheduling (e.g. meeting, strategic planning, issue resolution, focus group, etc). Within seconds, our digital system will strategically select a list of contract facilitators who specialize in the area you chose. The list will present their individual profiles by rank with Certified Master Facilitators listed first.

While many of our customers find the self-search method quick and convenient, this is not for everyone. Business owners who are new to the concept of corporate facilitation or who prefer to be walked through the process step-by-step can take advantage of our Live Chat feature.