Professional facilitators help companies understand and achieve their objectives. With services ranging from strategic planning to process improvement, our facilitation experts assist companies in overcoming obstacles in the problem solving process, identifying solutions or opportunities to pursue them. If you are considering hiring a facilitator, but you have questions about facilitation, the answers below can help.

What defines the type of facilitator a company needs?

The type of meeting that needs to be facilitated defines the type of facilitator a company needs. At FindaFacilitator, we provide facilitators for meetings that deal with the following areas: strategic planning, team building, issue resolution, process improvement, focus group, partnering session, and conference facilitation and planning.

How can a good facilitator be distinguished from a bad one?

A facilitator that works through a facilitation service receives performance reports from each company that he or she works with. If these reports show that the person has poor facilitation skills or unprofessional tendencies, the person will be dropped by a service after a certain number of reports are made. FindaFacilitaor does not work with facilitators who display poor performance.

Is there a benefit to hiring a notable facilitator?

Not necessarily. Many notable facilitators are known for something they accomplished outside of the field of facilitation. If their accomplishment is associated with the reason that you need a facilitator, then hiring one may be an excellent option. Under most circumstances, however, a standard facilitator is as effective as one that has name recognition.

What happens if a meeting doesn’t reach a resolution?

Facilitators set objectives that must be achieved by the end of a meeting. If they are not, the problem may result from the group or the facilitator’s poor performance. If a meeting fails to reach a resolution due to a facilitator’s time mismanagement, disorganization, failure to modify discussion, or failure to set clear objectives, a company should contact the service that the person was hired through.

How do facilitators decide their price?

Facilitators base their price on several factors, particularly: level of experience, reputation, the area of facilitation they work in, the amount of time they spend prepping for an engagement, and the level of demand for their services. FindaFacilitator works with facilitators whose rates run from low to high.    

Must a meeting meet certain criteria to be facilitated?

It depends on the facilitator. While many facilitators accept engagements liberally, they occasionally turn down an engagement for professional or personal reasons. If you wish to hire a particular facilitator, inquire about the person’s preferences through a facilitation service prior to offering them an engagement.

What are the advantages of using FindaFacilitator?

At FindaFacilitator, we offer facilitation services in a variety of areas, making it easy to target the facilitator you need. We also provide important information about the facilitators we work with, allowing you to choose one that accords with your wants and needs on various levels. FindaFacilitator offers a comprehensive facilitation source that anticipates all facilitation needs. If you think your company needs a facilitator, call us today.