Home of the Facilitator Database is a service founded in 2002 and operated by Leadership Strategies, Inc. – The Facilitation Company. The database includes a network of more than 500 professional meeting facilitators located across the U.S. and abroad. Our database helps you find the facilitator or consultant that fits your purpose and budget requirements, anywhere around the globe, and at no additional cost to you!

You will find specialists to fill a wide range of needs across multiple areas of your organization. Trust the flexibility and breadth of our facilitators’ experience to help you and your group accomplish your goals.

Whether you need a facilitator for strategic planning, team building, or other group sessions, our Client Relationship Managers have the expertise to manage the search process and find the right facilitator for your business needs.

Client Relationship Management Team

Our Client Relationship Management Team works closely with all facilitators. Each team thrives on helping clients locate and secure the ideal facilitator, and support clients throughout the engagement. Their combined decades of experience provide the consultation you need for a successful facilitated engagement. Each of our Client Relationship Managers is trained to guide you through every step of the process.

Ready to secure your facilitator? Connect with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager today at 8008242850, or online via BROWSE FACILITATORS or LET’S SEARCH TOGETHER.