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Choose your ideal facilitator with confidence. FindaFacilitator.com search capabilities will connect you with the right professionals who match the experience, background, and knowledge that satisfy your specific objectives.

Expertise and Certification

Our rating system captures a variety of expertise levels and matches your needs with the facilitator’s skills. The search query is separated by experience level:

– Certified Master Facilitators
– Leadership Strategies Contracted Facilitators
– Certified Professional Facilitators
– Professional Facilitators

Pricing Options

Professional facilitators across our database price their services at various fee rates to accommodate even the most restrictive budgets. Engaging the ideal facilitator can save your organization significant time and money. The expertise and methodologies they leverage are designed purposely to make your meetings, sessions, and other group activities more efficient and effective.


Client feedback improves the experience for others. We listen to and take customer feedback very seriously. You can trust that the experts behind FindaFacilitator.com will locate and secure the best-of-the-best.

Facilitator Certifications

The International Institute for Facilitation(INIFAC) created the Certified Master Facilitator™ (CMF) program as the premier mark of excellence in facilitation. The certification process assesses facilitators against a rigorous set of competencies. The result is a certification with the distinction of quality, integrity, talent and service.

The Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) program, developed by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), was the first national certification available in the U.S. Through the CPF program, the IAF has established a credible process for certifying facilitators to provide a consistent standard of performance.


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